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About Us

More Black than Purple was started in 1996 as a fan magazine devoted to Ritchie Blackmore. As part of the service provided we started offering a few ‘hard to find’ Blackmore and related items. More recently we increased the array of products available to include CDs, DVDs and other interesting items for Blackmore fans.

In February 2004 MBTP also took over the publishing of Autumn Leaves, the official Mostly Autumn fan magazine. On 15th January 2008 the name was re-branded as Wymer UK.

Given that subscribers to either magazine are also interested in other associated rock acts we have decided to put together a more extensive catalogue, which is continually updated.

We also realise that these days it seems increasingly difficult to go to a local record store and find the specific items you want. Sales assistants who give you a blank expression and say “Ritchie who?” are an all too common occurrence and most High Street retailers don’t appear to be interested in supplying anything outside of the top twenty fodder. Hopefully you will find plenty of interesting items to suit your needs at our store.

If there are any CDs, DVDs, or any other (legal) items you are looking for we will do our best to obtain them. Please provide us with as much information as you can and we will get back to you with availability, prices and payment terms.

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