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Whitesnake - The Purple Tour (Live)

Disc: 1 
1. Burn (Live) 
2. Bad Boys (Live) 
3. Love Ain't No Stranger (Live) 
4. The Gypsy (Live) 
5. Give Me All Your Love (Live) 
6. Ain't No Love In The Heart Of The City (Live) 
7. Mistreated (Live) 
8. You Fool No One (Live) 
9. Soldier Of Fortune (Live) 
10. Is This Love (Live) 
11. Fool For Your Loving (Live) 
12. Here I Go Again (Live) 
13. Still Of The Night (Live) 
Disc: 2 
1. Burn 
2. Bad Boys 
3. Love Ain't No Stranger 
4. The Gypsy 
5. Give Me All Your Love 
6. Ain't No Love In The Heart Of The City 
7. Mistreated 
8. You Fool No One (Including Drum Solo) 
9. Soldier Of Fortune 
10. Is This Love 
11. Fool For Your Loving 
12. Here I Go Again 
13. Still Of The Night 
14. Burn (Promo Video) 
15. On The Hot Seat With Michael Devin - Interview 
16. You Keep On Moving 
17. Lay Down Stay Down 
18. Lotsanotes 
19. Stormbringer 
Product description 
2.Bad Boys 
3.Love Ain't No Stranger 
4.The Gypsy 
5.Give Me All Your Love 
6.Ain't No Love In The Heart Of The City 
8.You Fool No One  
9.Soldier of Fortune 
10.Is This Love 
11.Fool For Your Loving 
12.Here I Go Again 
13.Still of the Night 
1.Concert Video in 5.1 and Stereo 
2.Burn - Music Video 
3.Band Interviews 
Bonus 5.1 High Resolution Live Audio: 
4.You Keep On Moving 
5.Lay Down Stay Down 
Whitesnake revisited the music that singer David Coverdale recorded with Deep Purple in the Seventies when they released The Purple Album. The album, and the tour that followed, offered fans new modern interpretations of Purple classics like "Burn" and "Mistreated."  
Whitesnake puts their distinctive spin on several songs from Coverdale's studio albums with Deep Purple - Burn (1974), Stormbringer (1974), and Come Taste The Band (1975). Highlights include: "You Fool No One," "The Gypsy" and "Soldier Of Fortune." 
It addition to songs originally recorded by Deep Purple, THE PURPLE TOUR (LIVE) also features performances of killer Whitesnake tracks like "Fool For Your Loving" from Slip Of The Tongue (1990), "Love Ain't No Stranger" from Slide It In (1984), plus "Still Of The Night," "Bad Boys," "Is This Love" and the #1 smash "Here I Go Again" from Whitesnake (1987). The Whitesnake line-up that appears on THE PURPLE TOUR (LIVE) includes: singer David Coverdale, guitarists Reb Beach and Joel Hoekstra, bassist Michael  
Devin, drummer Tommy Aldridge and keyboardist Michele Luppi. 
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