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Paul McCartney: All The Songs

Code: 978-1-912782-43-7
£39.99 £5.00
240 page A4 softcover.
As humanly possible, this book attempts to evaluate every track that
Paul McCartney has released on a major label. Thus, the premise of this book: to sift the gems from the chaff and examine what's driven McCartney up and down for fifty years. There are plenty of tracks suitable for casual fans, adolescents, even preschoolers. But there are tracks for an older audience too, tracks so good they can supply grown-ups with a rewarding soundtrack for a lifetime. It's these that make for a playlist worth keeping.
From 1970 and beyond, the songwriting McCartney seemed to be saddled with a rickety who-cares system that generated iffy results. Gone were ‘Eleanor Rigby’ and ‘Penny Lane’. Instead, came the thought-free ‘Mary Had a Little Lamb’ and ‘Bip Bop’, songs The Beatles wouldn't have considered for a second.
Troubles swarmed around him as he searched for his place. The Beatles
had theirs - where was his? Was he overly obsessed with perfection? Maybe. Or was it insecurity? His next record couldn't be a forward-thinking experiment, with sales falling wherever they may. It had to - had to - be a chart topper adored all over the world.

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