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The Logical Book: A Supertramp Compendium (Softcover)

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"We’re both oddballs and we’ve never been able to communicate too much on a verbal level. There’s a very deep bond, but it’s definitely mostly on a musical level. When there’s just the two of us playing together, there’s an incredible empathy."
Roger Hodgson, 1979
Endearingly, the differences between Rick Davies and Roger Hodgson were key ingredients in what would become the musical and writing chemistry of Supertramp — a band that made a fascinating and diverse contribution to music. From their first commercial breakthrough in 1974 with Crime Of The Century, they exceeded their own expectations with the colossal success of Breakfast In America in 1979.
But it was never a smooth journey. With ups and downs financially, commercially and in terms of their working relationship, Supertramp lived the highs and lows of the music business. From local gigs to many highly demanding tours, this book documents it all.
As Roger Hodgson once said, “The music always came pretty easily. Both the music and the lyrics come from the same place. For me, composing is literally losing myself in the music. I let the inspiration just come naturally. It is a very magical process. When I start hearing melodies, then I just start singing and the words start coming. The words will have something to do with what I am going through in my life, or what’s in my heart at the time. I will have an idea of what the song’s about and then work with the melody.”
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