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Judas Priest from Rocka Rolla to Painkiller : Every Album, Every Song (On Track)

Code: 978-1-789520-18-7
Many would argue that Judas Priest's most creative and influential period ran from their first release in 1974 until frontman Rob Halford shocked the metal world by quitting in May 1992, following the Painkiller tour. By then, Judas Priest had fourteen albums to their name, with chart success in both the UK and USA, and had grown in stature and image from a kaftan-wearing rock band with pretensions of being the next Queen, to purveyors of a leather and studded, full-force, heavy metal onslaught. Copied by many but surpassed by none, Judas Priest came to symbolise the very essence of heavy metal music.
By the time of UK hit British Steel and Screaming For Vengeance, their breakthrough album in the USA, their look and sound was being replicated by many young hopefuls, as the New Wave Of British Heavy Metal spawned the next generation of metal bands worldwide. Judas Priest - On Track. From Rocka Rolla to Painkiller studies Judas Priest's varied output in detail.
Musicians inspired by the band explain what Judas Priest and their albums meant to them, and the late Chris Tsangarides, whose first break came with the Sad Wings Of Destiny sessions, offers his insight into one of the world's greatest heavy metal bands.
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